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Enhancing the flavour of business

Branding is all about taste, how you look, how you feel and how people perceive you. It's about standing out in a crowd, delivering a well-defined message and having a strong visual identity.

We provide Graphic Design, Photography, Copywriting and Website Design services for Advertising, Marketing and Brand Development. These are our tools of choice, our vehicle of preference; its what we use to create a recognisable brand image and more... for you!

Drop us a line or send us an email, you'll find that Gravy Design has the blend of ingredients necessary to enhance the flavour of your brand.


  • We exist to identify our client’s competitive advantages and visually amplify their key messages while providing a friendly, responsive service.

    Our culture is a focus on quality, attention to detail and reliability that ensures we produce effective, creative communications for each of our clients.